We’re not going to pretend that we know the answers to this question, because the internet is littered with videos of people claiming to know what’s best for them, but the truth is, there are tons of options.

In fact, you can find countless ways to stream video to your TV without paying for cable.

Here’s a rundown of the most popular options, as well as what you can do to improve your viewing experience.1.

Stream Live TV with a Roku or Chromecast2.

Use a streaming box to stream Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu3.

Stream to a desktop computer4.

Use an Android or iOS device5.

Stream via the web6.

Stream on a PC7.

Use Hulu for live TV and video streaming8.

Use Apple TV to watch TV shows and movies9.

Use the Netflix app for live-streaming on your PC10.

Stream video using a tablet11.

Stream from your phone12.

Stream through a smartphone or tablet13.

Stream online with the ChromeCast service14.

Watch live TV on an iOS device15.

Stream live TV via your Android device16.

Stream Netflix on your desktop17.

Stream with an Apple TV remote18.

Watch streaming TV using a Chromecast19.

Use your TV as a video projector20.

Watch on an Android device21.

Watch online using a Roku22.

Watch with an iPad23.

Watch via your PC 24.

Watch in-home on an iPad25.

Watch using a TV remote26.

Watch through a mobile phone or tablet27.

Stream TV using Amazon’s Alexa app28.

Watch the news on your phone or watch it on your iPad29.

Stream over the internet30.

Watch TV with an Android TV remote31.

Watch sports on your smartphone32.

Watch YouTube videos on your TV33.

Stream movies with Netflix34.

Stream the latest episode of Game of Thrones on your mobile device35.

Watch Hulu on your Roku 36.

Watch a movie on Netflix with the Apple TV Remote37.

Stream your favorite TV shows on YouTube on your Android smartphone38.

Watch movies on Netflix on a Chromecast39.

Watch your favorite shows on Hulu with the Chromecast40.

Watch ESPN with your TV remote41.

Watch local TV on your smart TV42.

Watch cable TV on a Roku43.

Stream Hulu with your Roku44.

Watch Netflix with your Android TV device45.

Watch an online movie with the Amazon Alexa app46.

Watch games on your tablet with the Roku app47.

Stream music on your device with Spotify 48.

Watch shows on Netflix49.

Watch apps on your television with Google Play Music, Apple Music, and Spotify50.

Watch Amazon Prime with the Google Chromecast51.

Watch music streaming apps on YouTube with Apple Music and Spotify52.

Watch free online video on YouTube 53.

Watch ABC and NBC news with Google ChromeCast54.

Watch podcasts on your Smart TV55.

Watch CNN and MSNBC news on Google Chromecasts56.

Watch PBS news with YouTube57.

Watch CBS news with Apple TV58.

Watch Fox News with Apple Chromecast59.

Watch The O’Reilly Factor on Google Chromeecast60.

Watch Comedy Central news with Netflix61.

Watch MSNBC on Google Cast62.

Watch Sports Illustrated on YouTube63.

Watch NBC News on YouTube64.

Watch Facebook Live on YouTube65.

Watch HBO Now on YouTube66.

Watch Showtime on YouTube67.

Watch Google Play Movies on your Chromecast68.

Watch AMC on YouTube69.

Watch Food Network on YouTube70.

Watch History on YouTube71.

Watch Apple Music on YouTube72.

Watch Vevo on YouTube73.

Watch MTV News on GoogleCast74.

Watch Spotify on YouTube75.

Watch Disney Movies on YouTube76.

Watch TNT on YouTube77.

Watch TLC on YouTube78.

Watch CNBC on YouTube79.

Watch Cheddar TV on YouTube80.

Watch Nickelodeon on YouTube81.

Watch Discovery Channel on YouTube82.

Watch FOX Sports on YouTube83.

Watch National Geographic on YouTube84.

Watch Bravo and TLC show on YouTube85.

Watch HGTV on YouTube86.

Watch Animal Planet on YouTube87.

Watch Top Chef on YouTube88.

Watch Cooking Channel on Youtube89.

Watch Shark Tank on YouTube90.

Watch Lifetime on YouTube91.

Watch A&E on YouTube92.

Watch FXX on YouTube93.

Watch E!

on YouTube94.

Watch MySpace on YouTube95.

Watch GMA on YouTube96.

Watch Oprah on YouTube97.

Watch TMZ on YouTube98.

Watch Dr. Phil on YouTube99.

Watch Scripps Network on GoogleChannels that offer a variety of live streaming services.

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