You might have heard about Apple charging its new MacBook Pro with a corded plug, but the company also says it has also developed a new cable for the same device.

The new cable, named Apple Power Cables and priced at $69.99, will be available in January for $30 more than its $59.99 standard counterpart.

The cable has three connectors: a 3.5mm audio jack, a USB-C Type-C connector and a Lightning-to-USB-C cable.

Apple says the new cable offers a “longer life and higher-capacity than previous cable designs,” and that it can handle up to eight hours of charging in standby mode, which means it will not shut off when plugged into the wall or even on its own.

Apple says the cable will last for three years, which is a great improvement over the standard cable, which currently has a maximum life of three years.

Apple’s new cable has been in development for years, and it’s designed to work with other Apple products, like iPhones and iPads, as well as the Apple Watch Series 2.

The company is also looking to extend its cable’s lifespan with a cable for other Apple gadgets, such as the new iPhone X.

The Apple Power Cable has three USB-c connectors, a 3,5mm Audio jack, and a USB Type-c connector.

Apple via AppleInsiderThe new Apple Power cable will not be compatible with the iPhone X, but it will work with the next-generation model, which launches on October 6.

AppleInsiders has contacted Apple for comment.