The wireless carrier is expanding its broadband capabilities to customers in rural areas and in the remote, a move it hopes will improve its customer satisfaction ratings.

The move, which has not been publicly announced, comes as AT&t, which was acquired by T-Mobile in 2018, is expanding into areas where its customers have not traditionally subscribed to a cable service.

The company has already built out fibre to rural areas, but the upgrade will allow AT&ts customers to connect to its broadband infrastructure, said John Tavenner, chief executive officer of AT&s US.

“When you build something like that, it gives you a little extra legroom in terms of the number of people who have been able to get to it,” Mr Tavenned said.

“If we can get more people to come to the door, that gives us more bandwidth.”

Mr Tvenner said the upgrade would improve AT&ting customer satisfaction, as well as “increase revenue”.

The rollout, which will begin this year, is part of a strategy to expand the network to more areas.

Mr Taverner said AT&Ts strategy was to offer “a bundle of services to the rural and remote communities”.

AT&Tel, which already has fibre optic lines to more than 80 per cent of the US, has been ramping up its broadband footprint in recent years.

The carrier has invested $1.7 billion to build out its network in rural and rural-extremist communities, with the goal of providing more than 300 gigabits of fibre to homes and businesses.

The upgrade, which AT& t is calling “Project Gigabit”, is being announced in partnership with cable TV provider Comcast, which operates its own network.

The network will be rolled out across areas where AT&cts customers do not subscribe to a television service.

It will be operated by Comcast, Comcast’s satellite television subsidiary DirecTV and Charter Communications.

AT&rts new broadband infrastructure is also expected to provide “super-fast” speeds to customers with high-speed internet connections.

Mr Timmerman said the network upgrade would help AT&gtens customers “reach more people” on a daily basis, as it would “provide more connectivity and better reliability for our customers”.

The network upgrade is part the carrier’s strategy to boost revenue, and AT&tts chief executive has previously said he expects the company to achieve profitability in the coming years.