It’s no secret that many people with bulky headphones don’t have the ability to fit them into their head space, and many are frustrated by this.

Now there’s a way to do just that.

With a set of ear plugs that can be clipped to your headphones and plugged into a USB port on your computer, you can simply connect them to the extension cable and get them to your head without having to take them off.

It all starts with a cable chest workout.

I mean, how can you workout without your headphones?

The Headphone extension cord has two plugs: one for the cable itself and one for your headphones.

Plug the cable into the extension cord and pull the extension to the ear, and it should pull the cable out of your ears.

If it doesn’t, the cable will clip onto the headband.

Plug the cable back into the cable chest, and you’re done.

Just plug it back in, plug it in, and voila, you’ve got an extension cord.

While there are many other extensions out there, I found this one to be the most practical for me.

I have an iPhone, so I’ve got a ton of apps, but the majority of my work is done on my Mac, so having the extension just to get my phone up and running wasn’t something I’d ever consider.

The Earplug extension cable is also available in a set that includes a cable sleeve for an iPhone 6 Plus and a cable shoulder for a MacBook Pro.

The cable sleeve comes with a velcro closure, while the cable shoulder comes with Velcro tabs.