Comcast has announced plans to move all of its cable and broadband services to its new $85 billion fiber-optic cable and DSL network, but the company says it won’t pay for them with the traditional cable or broadband fees.

Instead, Comcast will use a service called “Ethernet Plus” to help consumers connect their existing broadband service to the new fiber network.

“The Comcast Xfinity® service is a great way to get high-speed Internet for your home,” Comcast’s head of public affairs, Jeff Steinberg, said in a statement.

“The service is easy to use and delivers high-quality data at a fraction of the cost of traditional wireline services.”

Customers can still pay Comcast for the services with the old cable or internet fees, but Comcast says it is now charging a monthly fee of $45 per month.

The move was welcomed by the cable industry, which said it would not have to worry about new fees.

“Comcast’s move to charge a monthly Internet bill for its Xfiante customers underscores the need for better broadband and cable competition,” NCTA, the cable lobby, said.

“As the Internet becomes more popular and more ubiquitous, consumers will pay a lot more for their Internet service.

Consumers should not be paying more than they are already paying.”

The new fiber-to-the-home network is expected to reach the top 10 percent of U.S. homes in the next two years.