Here are the steps to install the new adapter on your Xbox One.

First, you’ll need to open up the Xbox app and then go to Settings.

In the list of apps, select the Xbox software and then click the Settings button next to the Xbox logo.

Click the Connections tab and then select the HDMI adapter for your Xbox.

In our example, we’ve selected HDMI 1, and you’ll see the adapter’s name at the bottom.

Next, go to the settings tab and select the adapter from the list.

The Xbox app should now be showing HDMI 1a, which means it supports the HDMI 1 video output.

To test whether your Xbox has HDMI 1c or HDMI 1b, click the adapter and you should see a message about your video output being available.

To see the HDMI output from the Xbox 360, click on the Xbox icon in the system tray and then choose Settings.

You should see an HDMI icon next to your video adapter, and your video will now be connected.