FOX NEWS — For years, I’ve struggled with the cable TV bills I pay in my area. 

My TV subscription is paid for by my cable company, but I’m not getting a lot of what I pay for with my cable bill.

I spend about $10 per month on my cable TV service.

And I don’t get the kind of content I want to watch on my favorite cable channel. 

The cable providers I watch — Charter, Comcast, DirecTV, and Dish — have all cut back on programming in recent years, and the price hikes have made the cable bundles more expensive than they’ve ever been.

If I wanted to watch a variety of programming, I’d have to pay an extra $20 per month.

But lately, my cable bills have gone up even more, and I don`t know if I can keep paying.

That`s why I`ve started looking at alternative options for cord cutting, like a router.

Here are a few tips to help you get a new cable television service you can keep, or at least afford, while keeping your cable TV cord cutter in check.1.

Set a high enough speed.

If you`re trying to cut your cable bills, you`ll need a good router.

But don`’t try to buy one that will let you keep your TV cord cutting.

Some routers will allow you to stream video over their service, but you`d have to use a proxy or other software that lets you stream content over a different network.

You can also use a third-party app to stream content through the router, but it`s not guaranteed to work every time.

Instead, use a router that can work over a wireless network.

A router with an Internet connection will work for streaming over WiFi or cellular networks, but won`t work over wired networks.

The best router I know for cutting my cable costs is from Mouser, a company that sells router kits, routers, and other accessories for home and business users.2.

Choose a router with a wireless adapter.

You can buy a router and an adapter, or you can use a Wi-Fi-enabled router.

Mouser sells adapters that work with both of those.3.

If you`ve already cut your cord, set a new one.

If your current cable TV package has a cable subscription, you can still cut your bills by subscribing to a new package.

But, if you`m still watching cable, the best thing you can do is renew your cable subscription and make sure you don`ll have to cut it again.