In the days since the Republican debate on Monday night, the cable news network has rolled out live streams of the event online, and it has also shown the debates live on its cable news channel.

CNN has yet to show the debate live online, but it will.

The networks has said that the two debates are expected to be “the most watched and talked about presidential debate of the year.” 

The networks live streams have featured debates on a variety of topics, including gun control, immigration, gun control in general, climate change, and abortion. 

President Donald Trump was asked on Tuesday about the live stream.

Trump said he had heard of the cable networks, but added, “We’ll see how it goes.” 

CNN host Chris Cuomo tweeted on Tuesday morning that “The debate is going to be streamed live at MSNBC & CNN on Wednesday at 2pm ET,” and the network’s live stream featured a live audio feed of the debate. 

“The president has repeatedly called on his supporters to ‘go home and watch’ the debate,” Cuomo said in a statement.

“And while he and his team have been making the case for live coverage, the president has been asking supporters to go watch the debates online.” 

Fox News host Sean Hannity tweeted on Monday that “the debate is not yet on MSNBC.

It will be streamed on CNN.

We have no further information.” 

And MSNBC said in an email to Business Insider that “while we will be live streaming the debate in the United States, we will not be live broadcasting live events worldwide.” 

Trump has been trying to avoid the debate by not attending it, as it’s scheduled for the same time slot as the Super Bowl. 

Trump is the only Republican presidential candidate who hasn’t attended the debate, according to the AP. 

The debate comes after Trump has criticized his rivals for failing to support gun control legislation.

Trump has made his criticism of Cruz, Rubio, and Bush on Twitter over the past few days.

Trump tweeted on Saturday that “I was told by Jeb Bush to watch his brother [former President George W. Bush] for 30 seconds,” adding, “The only time I’ve seen Jeb Bush watch his brothers is for 30 second commercials.”

Trump’s tweet came after Cruz said on Monday he wouldn’t endorse Trump for president.