You’re probably looking for something different from your normal charging cord, but the new Magnetic Charging Cord is not the answer.

The Cord was created by the same company that made the magnetic charging devices we used to power our phones and laptops.

The new Cord has no built-in charging system, just the power source and its own built-on charging pad that charges when plugged into a wall outlet.

You can buy it for $29.99, and it’s available in two colors: white and blue.

Read on for the pros and cons of the new Cord.

Pros The Cord is magnetic, so it won’t get damaged or damaged your phone or tablet if you accidentally plug it in while it’s charging.

This means that you can still charge your device without having to worry about your phone being damaged or lost.

You’ll be able to keep it charged when you’re out and about.

Cons It doesn’t have a built-out charging pad, so you’ll need to use a cord extender to keep your Cord from getting tangled in your bag or pocket.

The cord itself is a bit thicker than our standard cord extenders, which can be a little awkward to keep in your pocket or bag.

It’s not a bad cord, though, and if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to charge your phone, it’s worth the extra $29 that you’re paying.