A cable knit shirt is the ultimate accessory for anyone who loves the outdoors, but it can also make a perfect stocking stuffer or accessory for a warm, cozy couch.

Here are the steps to changing your cable kniters wardrobe.1.

Get a cable yarn that’s been dyed to your body color2.

Pick a yarn that is the perfect length and gauge3.

Select a yarn for your cable yarns length and weight4.

Wash and dry your cable knitting accessories5.

Put your cable knits clothes back on.6.

Change your cable-knit shirt into a cable sweater.7.

Take your cable sweater to a clothing store and buy the cable knit sweaters you want.8.

Take a cable-knits sweater to the tailor for a fitting.9.

Change the cable knitting sweater into a cabled knit sweater.10.

Wear your cable hat, scarf, and sweater for warmth at home or on the go.