Comcast is getting rid of its cable-and-satellite service, replacing it with an all-in-one bundle of streaming-media services.

Comcast’s announcement Wednesday came in the wake of the launch of a new version of its streaming-video service, the Comcast Now, which costs $35 a month and allows for streaming video, movie, and music to be streamed on-demand and as a TV show or movie.

Comcast announced that it was ending its Cable-TV services earlier this month, citing a need to invest in new technology to make it more competitive with rivals.

The move to a single-tier service means Comcast customers will be able to watch a show or a movie without having to worry about which channels they might be able access, or whether they would be able watch those shows and movies on a TV they already have.

Comcast has said that it will make all of its TV services available in the same price range, but some TV providers have objected to the new pricing and said that they will only make their own TV service available in those tiers.

In the past, Comcast’s cable service has had a separate price for those services, which was based on a bundle of the services with a cable-subscriber ID (CSPID).

Comcast said Wednesday that it would not be offering those bundled TV services, and will instead be offering individual TV service tiers.

The change will also allow Comcast to offer its own digital streaming services, including its own DVR service and its own on-the-go DVR app, the company said.

Comcast’s service will also be made available on devices that Comcast owns or is licensing from other manufacturers.

Composite cable bundle: Comcast’s new offering will be available for $35 per month, but subscribers will have to pay $7.99 a month for a cable subscription.

Related article Comcast plans to offer new streaming video service for $25 a month, instead of $15 a monthComcast has been trying to sell its cable service to consumers since 2013, when the cable company sold the rights to its cable channel for $3.7 billion to Time Warner Cable.

Comcast offered a bundle that included its own streaming service, which has struggled in recent years, and cable TV and satellite TV services that it owns.

Comcom has been attempting to sell a streaming-TV streaming service to customers for years, but its cable television and satellite services have struggled.

Comcast is offering its own service, as well as on-and off-demand streaming video services from other companies, including Hulu and

Comcast also recently started offering its Owned Network TV service that includes live TV, online sports and news.