The Xfion cable box is actually a pretty nice looking box, one that makes it look like a box, not just a box for cable.

The box, which is available to preorder now for $299.99, is a box that’s designed to make your cable box look good and make your internet experience easier, with a single HDMI cable plugged in at the front.

It also comes with a few handy accessories, like an HDMI cable holder, two USB-C power ports, and a mini-HDMI port.

The cable box itself, however, is not a box.

It’s actually an extension of the cable box that you can buy now, but unlike the cable boxes that you have to buy separately, the Xfios cable box comes with two of them, which means it can act as both a cable and internet box at once.

The idea behind the XFios cable boxes is that you don’t have to worry about the box getting old and becoming a burden when you have kids.

If you don to have to keep the box at a certain age, you can just put it in your child’s room and have the kids use it as a babysitter.

This cable box isn’t meant for that, and you’ll need to take care of that before you put it into your home.