Apple’s next iPhone will arrive in September, but it may not be for the next several months, according to an article from the Wall Street Journal.

The article, citing unnamed sources, said that the next iPhone 5s will be out by the end of the year, and that the new devices will use the same 3.5mm headphone jack that’s found on the iPhone 5, as well as a USB-C port.

The USB-A port, meanwhile, is likely to be the same as on the new iPhone 5.

Apple has previously said that its next iPhone could arrive in August, but some of its partners have indicated that the device may arrive later in the year.

Earlier this year, Apple said it planned to launch the iPhone 6 in late September, with the iPhone 7 coming in September.

Apple launched the iPhone SE in September 2015, but the company did not announce the iPhone X, which will reportedly be available to preorder this fall.