The New York Times reports that Fox News, led by former Fox News host Roger Aile, is still paying him $8 million per year.

It was reported in August that Ailes had been paid $6.5 million for six months by a network that had the largest audience for any cable news network.

The Times reported that in 2018, Ailes was paid $8.4 million by the network, and in 2019 he was paid another $3.3 million.

This is the second year in a row that Aile was being paid $7 million per season by Fox News.

In 2017, Aile’s contract was up for renewal, and he asked Fox to drop its offer.

Ailes reportedly refused to accept the $7.4M salary and continued to pay him his full salary until this week, when he announced his retirement from Fox News and CNN.

A spokesperson for Fox News declined to comment for this article.