Ethernet cable manufacturer Ralink has announced it’s adding wireless cards to its product line, which includes ethernet routers and 802.10ac wireless routers.

The new products are called 802.21ac and 802 and will be available at a later date.

The new products have the same specifications as the 802.15ac and 10ac routers, but they come with 802.7ad support.

In addition to that, they also have 802.1q wireless support, 802ie and 802i support, and 802ac support for up to two wireless cards at a time.

The 802.17ac wireless card is available in black and white and comes in a standard version with 64MB of memory, and a black version with 128MB of RAM and support for 10Mbps speeds.

The 802.4ac card has a memory capacity of 256MB, and it comes in either 32MB or 64MB versions.

The two 802.6ad wireless cards are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

The two 802ie wireless cards also have support for 802ie.

The devices are available with a 1GHz antenna, and the 802ie2 support for 1.5GHz.

The 2.4G and 5G wireless cards support 802ie with a 2.1GHz antenna.

The company also has plans to launch an ethernet adapter for 802.22ac and 7.0.8.

The company is targeting the $100 price point for the adapter.

Ralok said it plans to start selling these devices later this year.

The wireless cards offer Bluetooth 4.1 and 802ie connectivity, and they also support 802.3ad, 802i, 802n, and other protocols.

Ralink’s new products come on the heels of its announcement earlier this year that it will be launching a new wireless router in late 2019.

The brand will also introduce new products in 2019, including the Ralankos W3.

The W3 features 802ie support, which means it will support 802-17a wireless and 802n wireless.