Donald Trump will propose a $2 billion subsidy package for high-speed broadband, electric vehicles, and mobile data networks.

Trump’s announcement on Monday comes as his administration ramps up efforts to roll back regulations on carbon pollution from fossil fuel extraction and to reverse federal climate change policies.

The $2-billion, seven-year proposal would reimburse the states for certain investments in infrastructure and research and development, the administration said in a statement.

“As the country begins to tackle climate change, our communities and businesses are increasingly relying on the best-funded, best-equipped, and most innovative technology to protect our air, water, and communities,” the statement said.

“Achieving the goal of 100 percent clean energy by 2040 is the critical step towards a more resilient future.”

Trump is expected to unveil the plan during his first press conference since being sworn in as president.

He said he wants to “get this done as soon as possible” because of the urgency of the issue.

Trump announced plans in February to phase out the federal Clean Power Plan, which aims to reduce carbon pollution by capping power plants’ emissions.

Under the plan, power plants must meet the same emissions standards as coal-fired power plants, and Trump pledged to reduce emissions by 30 percent by 2025.

But that goal has not been implemented.

The plan’s failure has drawn criticism from coal-heavy states such as Wyoming, which is also struggling with wildfires and severe drought.

Trump has said he’s committed to the plan and is still considering whether to keep it in place.

The administration has also pushed states to adopt stricter greenhouse gas emissions standards for cars and trucks, arguing that the rules could boost the economy.