A new survey shows that cable company Comcast is the biggest winner of the US market, while cable company AT&T has been losing market share.

Comcast and AT&am are the only two companies whose prices have gone up since the start of the year, according to a new report from the consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

PwC analysed the cable packages offered by each company, as well as the prices of their competitors.

“Comcast’s cable package is more expensive than AT&t’s and it’s also more expensive for Netflix to pay,” said Jonathan Blaylock, director of global research at PwCs research group.

“So, Comcast gets more from the US than AT &t does.”

The cable companies’ prices, however, are not reflected in the US average, Pwcm said.

This is because Pwcs’ analysis relies on data from Comcast customers who pay at least $25 a month for their service.

It also takes into account the cost of other internet packages offered on Comcast, which include cable packages for TV and Internet, and wireless.

Comcast’s average cable package cost is now $89 a month, according the report.

AT&T has also seen its prices go up, but it was still the second most expensive provider, at $77.90.

“AT&T is losing marketshare,” said Blay, who has been researching cable companies for five years.

“They are not losing market shares as fast as Comcast.”

AT&s price rise comes after the company raised prices by 5% to 7% for customers who subscribe to the bundled cable packages.

The increase in AT&ts prices came as the US government passed a new law that allows companies to charge extra for customers with older TV sets, internet access and other costs.

The law also lets companies charge extra on some wireless plans.

AT &am has also been selling bundled TV packages, which are priced at more than double the price of cable packages without internet access.

It is currently the only company that offers cable packages at a premium, at prices ranging from $79.99 to $199.99.

“There’s an increasing number of customers who are buying bundles for the first time,” said Michael Kors, Pwned Up Research’s senior director of research.

“It’s certainly a sign that people are looking for value for money.”

The US government also passed a law in September that allows cable companies to make up to $300 in a month from customer service fees.

AT, however will have to make more money from its customers if the new law is passed.

“We’re very concerned about AT&gt, as it’s likely to be more expensive,” said Kors.

“Our customers are still paying AT&tt for their services, but we expect AT&lt to be the first company to see a large price hike.”

AT &lt’s latest price hike is the result of a lawsuit filed in 2018 by Comcast against the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which is investigating the company for allegedly misleading customers.

Comcast alleged that the company had been charging consumers for services it had no obligation to provide.

In March 2019, the FCC ruled in favour of Comcast, but the company is appealing the ruling.

The US cable companies are not alone.

Amazon and Netflix have also seen prices increase, although the US consumer agency has not ruled on whether they have to pay.