The next generation of TV technology promises to revolutionise watching football and watching your favourite teams.

But how do you get the best of both worlds?

We spoke to TV guru Brian Foster to find out.

The future is football Brian Foster is a football analyst and presenter for BT Sport and BT Sport 2.

It was a very different world 10 years ago, when ESPN had just started broadcasting its football coverage, and ITV was in its prime.

Now it is just one of the many broadcasters to air games on television, and the likes of Sky and BT have all announced plans to do the same.

It’s a world where BT Sport’s coverage is not only of Premier League games but also highlights of some of the biggest tournaments.

But there is one big difference: the future is now.

There are three main reasons why you might want to turn on BT Sport.

Firstly, you can watch highlights on your phone.

It has a big screen, so you can scroll through the video without stopping to watch highlights.

But it has a limited selection of highlights and the channel itself is split into sections, which can be difficult to find.

You can also stream highlights over the internet, or you can browse highlights from other sources.

BT Sport is not the only sports broadcaster to have such a limited feature set, but it is the only one that offers live highlights on demand.

If you want to watch the highlights of your favourite games on BT TV, you need a BT Sports Pass. It costs £12.99 a year, and it gives you access to more than 50 games and shows.

It also includes access to the BT Sport app, so it’s a great way to watch games.

BT TV has been on the rise for a few years, but the channel is also getting a lot of attention because of its coverage of the Olympics, which is set to kick off in 2020.

We can already see that BT TV is going to be a big deal for football fans, as they’ll be able to watch all of the games on the channel.

BT Sports is also going to make a big push in the US with the launch of a new channel for the US Soccer League, which will also give fans access to all of their favourite US teams.

We’ve been waiting for years for BT Sports to deliver this and we’re excited for it to happen.

It was the first time we saw live Premier League matches on BT Sports, and now BT Sports can show the action on a bigger screen, and to stream highlights, too.

BT and BT Sports have also been working together on an NFL app that will bring the NFL to BT Sport, which gives fans the opportunity to watch NFL games in HD.

With the launch and expansion of the NFL app, BT Sports will be able provide a more direct link to the NFL games than it can currently.

There will also be a new TV channel in the works for the NFL, and BT will be releasing a live stream of every game live from the stadium.

BT is going in a big way with sports fans, but they also have a lot to look forward to.

BT sports is set up to be the biggest sports channel, and we know that many of our fans will be watching the coverage on their smartphones.

So we’re looking forward to that.

It’ll be great to have our friends and family watching the games live, and there will also likely be a whole range of new features for the app to improve the viewing experience.

The first one we’ll be seeing in the app is a new feature called live TV, which lets you see the game in HD on your smartphone as it happens.

We’ll also be able watch highlights and highlights from some of BT Sports more recent shows, like the Rugby World Cup and Six Nations.

It will be a really great way for sports fans to follow their favourite teams live.

BT’s live TV will be in the UK for the first two years, and then it will move to the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

That’s great news for fans in these countries who are using their smartphones or tablets to watch live TV.

You will still be able get access to BT Sports apps on iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and other platforms, and you will also still be connected to the same live TV channels BT has on BT and Sky.

BT also plans to expand its TV platform across the world with the introduction of its new premium service.

It is set for launch in 2019, and will give fans exclusive access to exclusive content and features.

BT wants its TV channel to be part of the whole experience, and that means it will have to be free for everyone.

What else is coming up?

You can check out our BT Sport guide for the big sports announcements, which we will be publishing on the site throughout the summer.