The free HBO NOW service is getting a boost.

Apple has released a free update that makes the streaming service’s app available for free to all Apple TV owners, including those on AT&T and Verizon.

This is an important step in ensuring the service is not blocked by a wireless carrier or device, but users on other carriers will still need to pay for the service.

Apple says the free update is available in the App Store and the iTunes app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

This will be a significant step in Apple’s effort to get more people to subscribe to HBO.

Users of the HBO Now service will also see a new option in the Settings app that lets them watch any HBO programming on the Apple TV.

Users who already have HBO subscriptions will also be able to upgrade to HBO for $10 per month for one year.

Users can sign up for the HBO NOW beta test program here.

The beta test allows users to test out the new streaming service before buying it outright.

Apple’s beta is available now on the iOS App Store, but it will not be available to purchase until April 9.

Apple says the service will continue to roll out on the iPhone, iPads, and Apple TV over the coming weeks.