The cable company’s cable-only service is now available to those who subscribe to Hulu’s basic service and who don’t pay for Hulu Plus.

Hulu announced Tuesday that the service, which is free for all those who already subscribe to basic cable, will be available to anyone with an existing Hulu account.

Hulu’s offering is available to users who have signed up for Hulu’s Basic subscription, but also those who haven’t signed up.

Hulu Plus, which offers subscribers access to premium content at a much lower monthly cost, is also now available.

Hulu also says that the Hulu Plus bundle will be free to those with an Hulu Plus subscription. 

For those who don´t already subscribe, Hulu is offering a Hulu Plus package that will offer access to Hulu Plus for $1.99 a month, the company said.

Hulu said the bundle is available “with or without Hulu Plus,” and it will be coming to the U.S. in November.

It will be rolled out to other countries and regions “soon.” 

Hulu has been a leader in the video streaming space for years.

The company launched its original show, “Saving Private Ryan,” in 2013, and the service has since expanded to include “Arrested Development,” “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Arrow,” and many more. 

Hear more from Hulu about the bundle here.

For those wondering what exactly the $3 service is, Hulu said it provides a “full suite of live TV and sports content.”

That includes “sports programming, movies and TV shows, and other sports-related content,” as well as sports-focused shows such as “Basketball Courts of America.”

The service also includes live sports, such as the NFL, NBA, and NCAA, as well live-streamed games and documentaries.