Cable crimper is a relatively new technology that lets users attach ethernet cables to phones.

The device was initially unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain in 2014.

Now it’s made its way into a new generation of phones, including the iPhone 6S, which will also support cable crimping.

According to Bloomberg, the device is “designed to be an inexpensive, simple, and flexible wireless router that can be used for Internet access, voice calling, and other tasks.”

Bloomberg’s article says the device uses a custom cable to connect the phone to the device, which can be charged with the same battery pack used to charge a standard laptop computer.

This isn’t the first time Apple has used cable crimpers for its devices.

In 2016, the company released an ethernet adapter for the iPhone 5S that had an attached cable.

The cable is a standard 2.4mm jack, so it’s not unusual to see devices that connect directly to a device using cable crimp.

Apple has been using cable-crimp-based devices for a while now, most notably with the iPhone and iPad line of devices.

The company also made its own wireless adapter for a Mac in 2016.